Polytech schools welcome international students within the framework of partnerships with higher education institutions (academic exchanges, summer schools, dual degrees) but also students with individual mobility who wish to enter the preparatory cycle or the engineering cycle in order to obtain the Polytech engineering degree.

French Higher Education System

1 year = 60 ECTS // System overview in the UE

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Polytech Engineering Degree

  • French-speaking students wishing to graduate from a Polytech school can apply directly as regular students. Applicants will be required to hold a foreign scientific degree approved by AEFE. Depending on your study level you will enroll either into the preparatory cycle (PeiP) or into the engineering cycle to graduate with the French engineering degree (Master’s degree), the renowned ‘titre d’ingénieur’.
  • Non-French-speaking students can enroll in the Polytech France Program, a 3-year-program dedicated to non-French-speaking students at the bachelor’s level, consisting of:
    • One year immersion in French culture, with intensive French language courses and cultural visit; visits to Polytech schools and training in French study methods.
    • Two years (the last two of the engineering cycle) of specialized training at the Polytech School offering the major of your choice.

Exchange programs

  • International exchange students from Polytech partner universities may apply to:
    • Specific, English-language exchange programs (one or two semesters)
    • Short English-language programs (e.g. Summer Schools)
    • Internships in affiliated research labs
    • Dual-degree programs (for French-speaking students).
  • PhD students
    • Students who want to pursue a career in research can prepare a predoctoral thesis in one of the 15 Polytech schools. Each school offers PhD thesis topics and grants to international students in all engineering fields (information can be found on each school’s website).