This field is necessarily at the crossing of life sciences and engineering. The resulting multidisciplinary skills make capable of handling bioprocesses and mastering the techniques of selection and modification of living organisms and enzymes. At Polytech, the multidisciplinary culture by itself permits to receive a rigorous open-mind training in life sciences as well as for the design of production bioprocesses, treatment and valorisation of agro-raw materials, purification, formulation and packaging of end products.

Skills and employment opportunity

Careers opportunities for Polytech alumni issued from Biotechnology, Bioengineering and Food Science field concern biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and higher plants and animal biotech. The activities are generally related to agro-industrial transformations with an emerging field concerning biofuels production and developments of sustainable processes and a tremendous focus being placed on tapping alternative energy resources, the result being an increase in the types of entry-level energy career opportunities.