A culture of research and innovation

The Polytech group is an important player in several major fields: energy, natural resources and the environment, biotechnologies and health, materials, structures and civil engineering, transport, ICST and digital, economics, management, human and social sciences, etc. These areas of training should make it possible to meet the major industrial, agro-industrial and societal challenges of tomorrow. The multidisciplinarity that is at the heart of the Polytech training project has the following objectives:

  • To resolutely prepare for the future by consolidating and constantly expanding the base of scientific knowledge, and by promoting the emergence of new concepts and methods,
  • To act on the major challenges facing our societies today by helping to identify and anticipate them, and express them in terms of scientific and technological questions.

Research laboratories affiliated with universities

In contact with laboratories, competitiveness clusters and international networks of researchers, Polytech engineers acquire a culture of innovation. The Polytech group collaborates with the 160 laboratories or associated research teams located within its schools/universities, and is involved in more than 35 competitiveness clusters throughout France in order to contribute to research and innovation. Teachers researchers conducts his research in the laboratory of his university. It is possible for Polytech students to preparate a doctorate.

China Scholarship Council (CSC)

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) offers scholarships, for a maximum duration of 4 years, to Chinese students wishing to do a PhD in foreign institutions. Within the framework of these scholarships, the Polytech group offers Chinese students thesis subjects in fields as varied as: computer science, agriculture, energy, social sciences, materials, etc.