Industrial Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with the organisation and optimization of complex processes or systems. At Polytech, this field is concerned with the development, improvement, automation and implementation of integrated systems, equipment and information systems, relying on the mathematical, physical, and chemical sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering design. Industrial Engineering aims at specifying, predicting, and evaluating the results and products to be obtained from complex systems or processes in the respect of sustainability and industrial safety.

Skills and employment opportunity

Industrial engineers issued from Polytech are concerned with all sectors related with the industrial production of goods and services (mechanics, electronics, food, agro-production, aeronautics, etc.). Engineers from industrial engineering field are capable of mastering the automation and informative processes in companies to improve their productivity. The various topics concerning industrial engineers include industrial plants configuration, logistics, sizing of necessary infrastructure used in support and maintenance, process engineering, project management, supply chain management, ergonomics, safety, etc.