Choosing the Polytech group means developing essential engineering skills and know-how

Research and Innovation
at the heart of our programs

The Polytech group benefits from partnerships with 162 university research laboratories and a large number of partner companies. This multidisciplinary approach allows the group to develop high-level programs in science, technology and innovation.

A Welcome Desk for international students

In each Polytech school, students will find an English-speaking team dedicated to international students, to help them prepare their stay and facilitate administrative procedures to live and study in France.

A strong international network

The Polytech group has built a large network of academic partner institutions all over the world, on which each Polytech school can rely to develop specific programs such as exchange schemes, tailor-made or double-degree programs.

A rich and dynamic student life

Each school offers a real campus experience and a friendly environment where students will soon feel welcome and integrated. The local student associations organize activities, events and participate in challenges and sport competitions between Polytech schools.