An Organic Fit with Industry

The Polytech Group offers a variety of partnerships to allow companies to benefit from the excellence and expertise of its engineering programs and affiliation with science laboratories. Within this framework, the Polytech schools promote their applied research skillsets and the scientific foundations of their courses by inviting companies in their local ecosystems to take advantage of our student and faculty talent pool to innovate and research new systems and technologies. Our industrial partners can also ask departments to adapt the content of their courses to fit specific application needs, so as to co-design educational content and accordingly pre-train their workforce.

All the Polytech schools are chaired by industrial experts; as a result, companies are actively involved, either individually or within associations, in the various governance bodies of the schools: governance council, educational committees, strategic think tanks, partners’ clubs, diploma juries, etc., thereby constantly honing the Polytech Group’s ability to meet industry needs and graduate a relevantly-trained workforce.

In practical terms, Polytech’s strong and mutually-beneficial relationships with its industrial partners take the form of classroom work, case studies, technical lab projects, internships and end-of-studies projects directly originating from, specified and coordinated by partner companies and facilitated by Polytech faculty.

In a virtual cycle, these dynamic relationships with our partners ensure that companies, whatever their field, always find a fully operational pool of future engineers within the Polytech group.

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