Professional training courses

Our courses combine scientific and technological education with modules preparing students for life in the workplace.

Our trade school relies on the expertise of numerous guest lecturers. Internships in companies, projects in collaboration with industrialists, and international mobility, through study stays or internships abroad, contribute to preparing students for their future professional activity.

Dual degree programs, highly sought after on the job market, are offered to students:

  • Engineer-manager
  • Civil engineer-architect

The school takes advantage of the significant research potential of the scientific and technological sites in Marseille where it is located. It benefits from 16 research laboratories and 6 competitiveness clusters where its research professors are active in cutting-edge fields.

Key figures
  1530 engineering students
  384 graduates per year
  218 guest lecturers, industry and business managers
  145 research professors
  65 doctoral students
  16 associated laboratories or research teams
  121 international partners in 55 countries