With the support of the National Commission for International Relations, the Polytech group ensures that exchanges with its partners are developed and nurtured. New partnerships can be initiated. A charter is then signed with the Polytech group, which can lead to specific partnerships with schools in the network.

The Commission is attentive to the needs of companies, particularly in terms of recruiting interns, apprentices and graduates. It monitors the integration of graduates and maintains regular exchanges with the members of Polytech Alumni, the network of graduates. As a result of these exchanges and analyses, the Commission is able to propose strategic actions to develop relations with companies. These actions are carried out by the Polytech Partnership Foundation (Fondation partenariale Polytech). Established in June 2017 by the founding universities to carry out activities of general interest within the scope of public service in higher education, the Polytech Partnership Foundation aims to contribute to the influence of the member schools of the Polytech group and, more generally, to support these schools in their missions in line with the policies defined by their parent universities.