Research and development

Our specialties are underpinned by 5 research teams involved in numerous national and international projects, as well as 4 study and research centers in partnership with companies and 3 competitiveness clusters. Our students benefit from high-level training in and through research.

The international dimension

In order to be able to work in an international context, to carry out projects involving companies from various countries, our engineering students have the possibility of spending time in a partner university or doing an internship abroad.

Student life

The student union and its clubs liven up student life at Polytech: sports, music, photography, theater, nature, robotics, etc. These activities allow students to express their talents, organizational skills, management skills, and above all to gain valuable personal experience.

Key figures
1130 engineering students
270 graduates per year
125 guest lecturers, industry and business managers
88 research professors
87 doctoral students
4 associated laboratories or research teams
  78 international partners