Applied Mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods that find use in engineering, business, computer science and industry. The courses in Polytech are a combination of mathematical science and specialized knowledge such as physics, fluid mechanics, bioinformatics, quantitative finance, etc. The graduate students from Polytech in Applied Mathematics master the mathematical methods for computational science applications, the conception and the development of IT applications to implement the methods of projects design, object oriented tools, XML technologies, Web applications, etc.

Skills and employment opportunity

Computer science departments both in public and private sectors traditionally make use of applied mathematics. Fields of application concern high-technology industries (aeronautics, automotive industry, chemical engineering, biotechnology) as well as the financial institutions (banks, insurances), or the economic activities in which raise problems of simulation, conception and organization. Careers opportunities fro Polytech alumni concern all fields of engineering in private and public sectors, R&D activities, services and manufacturing, management of production, etc.