Civic-mindedengineering students

Training its students in their future social responsibility as engineers is a priority for Polytech Montpellier. For several years, the school has initiated a strategy around sustainable development and social responsibility (DDRS). In terms of training, courses and conferences on the social, environmental and economic issues of sustainable development have been organized for several years. Polytech Montpellier has had the DDRS label for higher education since 2015.

An international outlook

The school pursues an active policy of international openness by maintaining links with more than 70 academic partners, and numerous industrial partners throughout the world. All engineering students are required to have international mobility. The school is a member of several international programs and has set up double degrees with prestigious universities in England, Brazil, Canada., etc.

Research and development

As an engineer trained in a university environment, Polytech Montpellier engineers are made aware very early on of the need for innovation and research in order to acquire the ability to innovate and undertake research. For this purpose, some projects and internships are carried out with the school’s research professors in the associated laboratories. They thus learn to identify the constraints and objectives of the researchers with whom they work. They can continue their studies with a thesis, conducted in one of the school’s 12 associated laboratories for example.

Key figures
1400 engineering students
   300 graduates per year
   300 guest lecturers, industry and business managers
   130 research professors
   140 doctoral students
   12 associated laboratories or research teams
   70 international partners in 26 countries