Polytech is a group of 15 schools dedicated to Research and Innovation in engineering. Every school is affiliated with a public University and works under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education. All together they form a strong network sharing a unique model.

All Polytech schools deliver a Master’s Degree in Engineering (« Diplôme d’ingénieur ») accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI), in more than 100 majors and in 12 scientific fields (lien vers la page formations)

Every year, 10% of the engineers graduating in France are Polytech graduates.

A solid scientific and technical foundation

Polytech engineers have a solid scientific and technological background. They all receive a high level of scientific training before specializing in an engineering field. They are quickly operational upon graduation and are prepared to work in a constantly changing multi-technology world.

A culture of research and innovation

In close contact with laboratories, competitiveness clusters and international networks of researchers, Polytech engineers acquire a culture of innovation. The Polytech group collaborates with the 160 laboratories or associated research teams located within its schools/universities and is involved in more than 35 competitiveness clusters all over France to contribute to research and innovation.

An engineering program with and international outlook

Each student is offered numerous opportunities to build his or her professional project on an international scale. To this end, the schools in the Polytech group have joined forces to expand their influence abroad, establish partnerships and offer their students increased opportunities for mobility and cultural mixing.

Training in human sciences and economics

With their multiple skills, Polytech engineers know how to place the missions entrusted to them in their economic and human context. Trained in project management, human resources management and corporate strategy, they are the managers of tomorrow.

A rich and vibrant student life

The life of the group is punctuated by major events organized in the different schools. The Student Union Federation associates all the student organizations: it supervises and develops the associative activities of the students, supports the student organizations in their efforts and defends the interests of all the students in the network. A wide range of activities will ensure that you have a fulfilling student life!