The Polytech Group is a French consortium of 16 Public University Schools of Engineering dedicated to Research and Innovation.

The Polytech Schools operate under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Altogether they form a strong network sharing common values and a unique and dynamic community of ethically responsible engineers and educators.

The Polytech schools deliver a Master’s Degree in Engineering (the French « Diplôme d’ingénieur ») accredited by the French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI, equivalent to ABET and Engineers Canada), in more than 100 majors and in 12 scientific fields.

Every year, 10% of the engineers graduating in France are Polytech graduates.

Foundational Scientific Skills with a Modern Hands-on Approach

Polytech engineers possess outstanding scientific skills. Before selecting a major, they receive 2 years of intense Mathematics, Physics (and English) training rooted in the multi-secular tradition of scientific Cartesian methodology hailing back to the Renaissance. This rigorous discipline, taught by faculty who are researchers themselves, produces well-arranged minds: the ability to parse through mountains of information to retain only those elements which are relevant to the engineering of efficient systems.

Once they select a major, Polytech students work on real-life projects with our industrial partners, thereby gaining practical and professional experience. As a result, Polytech graduates are quickly operational, prepared to work within international teams and move on to managerial responsibilities.

A Culture of Research and Innovation

Thanks to close and regular contact with laboratories, competitiveness clusters and international networks of researchers, Polytech engineers acquire a reflex for innovation. The Polytech group collaborates with more than 160 laboratories or associated research groups, including CNRS (French National Center for Research) units, and is involved in more than 35 competitiveness clusters all over France to contribute to research and innovation.

Engineering with an International Outlook

French Engineering students are required by the French educational system to spend several months abroad to acquire cultural knowledge and demonstrate professional autonomy. The Polytech schools actively support their students’ international mobility, and dedicated Global Engagement staff work hard secure and coordinate international opportunities (exchange programs, internships, etc.) with academic and industrial partners worldwide.

The Polytech Group, represented by the Polytech Foundation, also supports a number of international programs, such as Polytech Green, an Erasmus+ grant program for sustainability-focused mobilities; Polytech America, the North American Office of the Polytech Group, dedicated to building partnerships with Universities, Laboratories and Companies in the United States and Canada; and Polytech France, a 3-year, total-immersion program designed to welcome international students into our Schools so they can earn the French Titre d’ingénieur alongside French students.

Soft Skills: Human Sciences, Economics and Responsibility

Polytech students also receive training in a number of non-technical disciplines so they can develop a solid set of essential soft skills. From project to human resource management, from corporate strategy to ethical responsibility, Polytech engineers hone the ability to place the missions entrusted to them within economic and human contexts. As such, they are the managers of tomorrow.

A Rich and Vibrant Student Life

Student life at Polytech is marked by regular school or group-wide events. The Student Union Federation, which coordinates all Polytech student organizations, develops and supervises a wide range of student activities, promotes the Polytech student community and supports innovative associative approaches to student life.