Becoming a Polytech engineer means having values!

From the moment you enter a Polytech school, you will share the Collective Intelligence values from which we draw our strength, from the classroom to the school to the group. These values will guide you throughout your training and help you achieve your full potential by following your calling.

Respect and Open-mindedness

Respect yourself and others by developing your ability to listen and your open-mindedness. Discover new ways of thinking that allow you to form your own opinions.

High Standards and Creativity

Develop your reasoning skills and inventiveness while seeking rigor and objectivity. Cultivate a critical mind and question yourself on scientific and technological progress.

Accountability and Integrity

Be the source of initiatives and take responsibility for your choices. Communicate transparently with your teams and collaborators.

Proactivity and Teamwork

Contribute to technological progress in a sustainable development approach. Develop your sense of forward-thinking and team spirit in order to promote collective innovation.