The Polytech Group of Graduate Schools of Engineering

The Polytech Group is the consortium of Schools of Engineering of the French Universities.

They deliver a French Government-accredited, 5-year degree (equivalent to a Master of Science) in 12 fields of Engineering over 100 majors, and are affiliated with more than 160 scientific research laboratories.

Every year, 4,000 Polytech Engineers graduate from our schools and go on to work for large companies and startups alike (including companies of the world-famous French Tech). They are project-trained, science-driven, and PhD-ready. And most importantly, they are ready to engineer systems for a better world.

The Polytech Foundation

A French nonprofit organization acting on behalf of the Polytech Group, the Polytech Foundation works for the advancement of the Polytech Educational Community in innovative and societally-beneficial ways in France and abroad.

To carry out that mission, it builds partnerships with national and international organizations, and supports various programs to promote the Polytech values of rigorous scientific education, as well as ethical responsibility and sustainability (as defined by the UN Sustainability Goals).

Polytech America: Mission and Goals

The Polytech Foundation has launched Polytech America, a U.S.-based program dedicated to
the promotion of international exchanges between the Polytech Schools and North American
businesses and universities

This program seeks to enhance partnership opportunities (exchange programs, scientific collaborations, sponsoring) to

  1. Send more Polytech students and graduates to North American schools, laboratories and companies
  2. Welcome more North American students and faculty to the schools of the Polytech Group

You are a

Faculty or Administrator

From the U.S./Canada

Contact us to arrange exchange programs in one of our Polytech schools in France, and let your students experience French Engineering ExcellenceTM training while basking in French history and culture through immersion.

Faculty: we would love to welcome you as well!
Inquire about teaching opportunities.

from a

Polytech School

If you are enrolled in a
Polytech school in
France and are
preparing an
International Mobility
Semester/Dual Degree)
in the United States or
Canada, visit the Polytech America (PAm) Portal:

American/Canadian School

If you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime ‘French Hautes Ecoles’ educational experience, enroll in one our many training programs at a Polytech School in France for a:
– Study Semester
– Dual Degree
– Summer School

Get in touch to learn how you can help the POLYTECH Community.
POLYTECH un jour, POLYTECH toujours !

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From the U.S./Canada

Unleash the power of French Engineering ExcellenceTM and recruit Polytech students for internships to shore up your teams, or Polytech graduates for full-time positions
to secure your long-term projects.

Our Engineering students are Science-trained, project-proven and PhD-ready. The Polytech America staff will help you custom select the right interns or graduates for your teams, and coordinate their placement so you can go right to work with them.