Research and development

Polytech Nantes uses research teams to train engineers with a high level of knowledge in two major research areas: ICST and Energy/Materials/Environment. These teams work with industry and develop international collaborations.

Thanks to the equipment in the laboratories, the students work on innovative technologies. Projects such as Polyjoule or Cityjoule, which have set several world records, are an opportunity to demonstrate the school’s dynamism and capacity for technological innovation.

A vibrant student life

Polytech Nantes has about thirty clubs and associations that animate the student life of the school’s three campuses through events with various themes (sports, art, sustainable development, human rights, entrepreneurship., etc.). The dynamism and outreach achieved today are the result of strong student involvement at the local, regional and national levels, as well as strong support from the school, sponsors and local authorities.

Key figures
1550 engineering students
  400 engineering graduates per year
  480 guest lecturers, industry and business managers
  100 research professors
  100 doctoral students
  9 associated laboratories or research teams
  63% of end-of-studies projects are carried out for industrial companies
  170 international agreements