“I arrived in Angers on the 04.03.2019. In my project, I was working with different SLAM algorithms. SLAM stands for simultaneous localization and mapping. It is a process where a mobile robot tries to collect information on its surroundings and build a map of his environment while he is exploring it. SLAM is a key step for autonomous robot navigation. I was setting up different SLAM algorithms on a ROS (robot operating system) based environment. ROS is an open-source middleware that manages the communication of different robot components. After the system and algorithms were set up and worked, a practical experiment was done. In the experiment I collected data to build maps from. The data was collected by saving the sensor data of a mobile robot, while the robot was driving trough a test environment. The received test data was then used to build maps from the different SLAM algorithms. On the basis of these maps, the different algorithms were evaluated and compared.”