“It gives me a great pleasure to be back in Polytech Angers to work as an Intern this summer with Inmoov Robot under Prof. P. Richard. There goes a saying “Life is a circle”. It is true, as I am now in Polytech Angers because I was in Polytech Angers three years back. The last time I was in Polytech Angers, I was a part of a project team working on Solar Decathlon Europe 2014under Prof. Cottenceau and Prof. Lagrange. Polytech Angers introduced Arduino into my life for the first time and then on, Arduino became the seed of my growth. I got the best Project Award in Metrology from Anna University for my Bachelor Project with Arduinoas the main microcontroller. I had modeled many devices such as an Automatic Laptop Charge Power Saver, Home Security mod-ule and an Animatronic Arm controlled byhuman hand movement during my Bachelors.”