Global Engagement is at the heart of the Polytech Group

Our mission, which starts in our schools and continues with Polytech Engineers around the world, is to provide excellence in engineering education and innovative knowledge for the responsible governance of sustainable societies.

We approach sustainability in a broad sense, so as to include social, economic and ecological objectives. That approach informs our international strategy.

Polytech Green

In 2021, within the framework of the priorities issued by the European Commission (2021-27 Erasmus+ Program), the Polytech Group launched Polytech Green, a program dedicated to the promotion of eco-responsible mobility.

“There is a contradiction in the academic world: we encourage students and faculty to partake in international exchanges, while attempting to reduce our carbon footprint. Polytech Green aims to address this contradiction head on, by supporting eco-responsible mobilities.”

Dr. Anglaret, Head of the Polytech Green Program

Polytech Green is part of our proactive approach to promote sustainable development and social responsibility (based on the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals), by supporting and leading students and faculty towards more environmentally-friendly mobilities with specific-purpose or destination grants.

For more information, please visit the Polytech Green page.

Polytech America

Within the broader framework of the Polytech Group’s international strategy, Polytech America (PAm) is a U.S.-based program dedicated to the promotion of international exchanges between the Polytech Schools and North American businesses and universities.

PAm actively develops and maintains partnership opportunities with American and Canadian private or public organizations, so as to:

  • Send more Polytech students and graduates to North American schools, laboratories and companies
  • Welcome more North American students and faculty to the schools of the Polytech Group

For more information, please visit the Polytech America page.

Polytech France

Designed specifically for international students, the Polytech France program is a unique opportunity to graduate with the prestigious French “Titre d’ingénieur” (Engineering Degree).

Polytech France is a 3-year program, open to all students with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a minimum level of A2 in French.

The first year consists in a cultural and educational ramp-up at Polytech Marseille, in the South of France. In immersion, international students take French classes and learn the French study methodology. Then, after selecting their major – and the Polytech school which teaches it – Polytech France students join the ranks of French students for their second and third years, which consist of major-related scientific classes and projects. For those 2 years, international students follow the same curriculum as French students and graduate with them at the end of the 3-year program with the Titre d’ingénieur.

For more information, visit the Polytech France Program page.