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Polytech France Apply to become an engineer

Join a large network of graduate engineering schools in France and earn an engineering degree. The Polytech Group enables you access to excellent scientific and technological courses, working closely with companies and research laboratories.

Polytech France is a 3-year program: 

  • One year of immersion in the French culture (intensive French language courses, cultural visits and visits to other schools in the Polytech Group…) and training of study methods.  Note that this year can be organised over 6 months if you meet the criteria.
  • Two years in the engineering cycle in one of the engineering schools in the Polytech Group.
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A year of preparation to enter the engineering cycle in Polytech Marseille, Aix-Marseille University, France. Note that this year can be organised over 6 months if you meet the criteria. 

Learn how to present a project in French, Master technical vocabulary in your domain of studies, learn about French culture and work methods that are specific to engineering trades.

  • 1 semester of intensive French courses: oral comprehension, oral and written expression.
  • 1 semester of French courses, methodology, project management and scientific lessons.
    • At the end of the year, a B2 level in French is required to access the engineering cycle.
  • 2nd and 3rd year of the engineering cycle in one of the 15 schools in the Polytech Group.

Choose the speciality you wish to study in total immersion with French students and work towards your degree.

  • 2nd year: 2 semesters of courses in your speciality (Master’s level 1).
  • 3rd year:
    • 1 semester of courses in your speciality (Master’s level 2).
    • 1 semester internship in a company, anywhere in the world.

How to apply ?


  • Bachelor’s Degree or above.
  • French level A2 minimum at the time of application.

Application Procedure

The application can be downloaded here

The completed application can be sent (with the required documents) by email to

Selected candidates will then be interviewed. Interviews will be in person if possible, or through video conference (Skype).


  • Admissions open in October 2021
  • Admissions close in March 2022
  • Interviews for candidates: starting April 2022


Preparation year: 6000€ (courses, visits, travel and accommodation for one week of immersion in another school, administrative fees).

2nd and 3rd year engineering cycle: University fees per year.