International partnerships

International mobility is a priority and mandatory in Polytech academic programmes. This international experience allows the graduate students to acquire skills requested by most companies and, besides, offer, in the case of exchange links, the possibility of acquiring a dual diploma.

Key figures

12 % international students

More than 2 000 periods or internships abroad every year

More than 1 400 months internships financed in Erasmus+ programme

Several hundreds of bilateral and multilateral agreements  

Highly developed international training

The international mobility is a commitment as a part of the Polytech Charter.  The Polytech group has built international academic partnerships all over the world. Thanks to these partnerships, bilateral agreements and dual diploma arrangements with world’s leading universities, all Polytech students are moving abroad at least for one semester during their curriculum. The destinations concern all the countries of the world. A dense network of international relations allows propose diverse possibilities, including exchange semesters, training courses, internships, dual diploma, etc.

The Polytech network participates actively in the European programs dedicated to training and particularly to the program Erasmus +. This allows the students benefit of mobility grants within the framework of internship within an European company and for a minimal duration of 3 months.

Polytech group also hosts foreign students for initial training offering greater possibilities, for their students, in terms of mobility and cultural melting pot.

Polytech Mundus

Polytech group has set up a Mundus programme intended to facilitate the admission of non French-speaking students willing to join the training with Polytech curricula. At the end of the selection process common to all Polytech faculties, the students join the undergraduate year “Mundus”. The educational program is concentrated on mastering the French language and the French training methods (more than 400 hours) and on the strengthening of the technical and scientific skills in the chosen fields. At the end of this undergraduate year of preparation, the students join, if their scientific and language level allows it, one of 73 specialities in initial training of Polytech.