Polytech group develops and strengthens the links with the companies, conducting shared educational systems by innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge technologies. This leads to greater recognition and promotion of research and graduate education in companies. Corporate partnerships are developed making enterprises take benefit the excellence of Polytech group.

Institutional industrial partners of the Polytech Group

Key figures

80 000 active Polytech alumni

160 research laboratories associated with Polytech

8 % graduates in Master of engineering continuing in PhD.

12 major scientific fields for tackling global technological challenges

More than 20 % teaching by qualified lecturers from companies

More than 32 weeks for internship experience in enterprises in France and abroad.

Research and innovation perspective

Polytech group is a key player in several major sectors: energy, natural resources and environment, biotechnologies and health, material science, structures and civil engineering, transport, digital technology, economy, management, humanities and social sciences, etc. These highlights have to match and tackle with the industrial, agro-industrial and societal challenges of the world tomorrow. The multidisciplinary training is the core of Polytech curricula. Two main objectives are targeted:

  • To prepare the future by strengthening and by widening ceaselessly basic scientific knowledge, by maintaining core disciplines for their own sake, and also by providing the fundamental elements of multidisciplinary work for favouring the emergence of cutting-edge concepts and methods,
  • To mobilize the young graduates on the current challenges that are faced by the companies, also by contributing to identify them

Entrepreneurship vision and academic education

The various proposed partnerships allow the companies to take benefit from the expertise of Polytech faculties training programmes and from their associated laboratories. Conversely, the training curricula take advantage of these links to adapt the contents of courses. In this context, companies’ qualified lecturers chair more than 20% of courses. Companies are also present and participate, individually or grouped in association, in the various authorities of governance of schools: Management Boards, educational committees, authorities of strategic reflection, clubs of partners, participation to juries, proposal of case studies, etc.

This entrepreneurship vision leads to greater recognition and promotion of apprenticeship-based professional training programs. Corporate partnerships with large, medium-sized and small companies promote entrepreneurship, support, coordination and networking with major industrial activities.

Become a partner as a corporate enterprise

Polytech group develops and strengthens the partnership potential with enterprises through support to training, mobility and the development of European research careers. In this perspective, corporate partners and Polytech group agree:

  • To present the companies’ activities in all engineering faculties,
  • To inform the graduate students on job and employments opportunities with organization of conferences, round tables, brainstorming sessions, etc.
  • To promote internships and employments with corporate companies,
  • To promote apprenticeship training,
  • To give the opportunity to corporate enterprises preferential conditions for participating to conventions skilled trades,
  • To favour the access of the corporate partners to research and innovation activities in the 125 associated laboratories, so as to answer the necessities of innovation and technological breakthroughs,
  • To boost corporate partners’ competitive edge, innovation and growth through research partnerships, promoting entrepreneurship, coordination of regional and national ecosystems and networking with world markets.

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Life-long training

In the permanent listening of the economic world, the Polytech network conjugates the closeness with the best French research centres, the relations with companies and a unique positioning on the major transitions of the 21st century. This relation insures the companies to find in Polytech group future perfectly operational engineers, but also ideal solutions of in-service training. Besides specific trainings, which every faculty of the network can set up, Polytech group also trains engineers by the way of the in-service training.

Polytech Alumni Association

Polytech Alumni are members of a lifelong community of over 68 000 across the globe grouping 14 associations of alumni of the 14 faculties composing Polytech. Polytech alumni are invited to attend a range of events each year including reunions, lectures and careers networking events. Services and benefits include:

  • A communication widespread on several media,
  • An international reach and influence,
  • The opportunity to mutualize numerous work experiences,
  • After work Polytech Alumni's events, both in France and abroad.