Taught-in-English and summer schools

Non-french speaking exchange students are welcome to study for one or two semesters in one school of the Polytech Network. In the framework of International Exchange programs with our partner Universities worldwide, validated credits in Polytech will be transfered back to their home university.

Taught-in-english semesters

 Full taught-in-English semesters, Fall and/or Spring, are offered with various specialization options:

Computer science, Modeling, Management 

  • Montpellier - Computer science and management (Fall)
  • Nantes - Data science (Fall), Visual computing (Fall)
  • Tours - Computer Science (Fall and Spring)

Electrical engineering, Industrial computing, Electronics

  • Angers – Automation and computer eng.
    (Fall and Spring),
  • Nantes - Electronics 1 (Fall and Spring), Electronics 2 (Fall)
  • Nantes - Wireless embedded tech.
  • Nice Sophia - Electronic / Network Engineering (Fall)
  • Orléans - Engineering physics and embedded systems (Fall)
  • Tours- Electronics and energy systems (Fall)

Mechanical Engineering, Materials, Energy

  • Angers– Automation&computer eng. (Fall-Spring), Quality Innovation&Reliability (Spring)
  • Annecy-Chambéry – Advanced Mechatronics (Fall and Spring)
  • Clermont– Engineering Physics (Fall and Spring)
  • Nancy - Energy, Mechanics, Materials and Environment (Fall and Spring)
  • Nantes – Thermal science and energy (Fall)
  • Orléans - Technologies for energy aerospace and engine (Fall), Innovations in design and materials (Fall)
  • Tours- Mechanics and system design (Fall and Spring)

Environment, Planning, Civil Engineering

  • Angers - Building and Safety Engineering (Spring)
  • Annecy-Chambéry – Energy and Solar Building (Master program, Fall and Spring)
  • Nice Sophia - Water Engineering (Fall)
  • Orléans- Civil and geo environmental engineering (Fall)
  • Tours : Urban territorial planning and Environment (Fall and Spring)

Food Engineering, Biotechnologies, Health

  • Angers - Biology and Health Systems (Fall and Spring)
  • Clermont - biological engineering (Fall and Spring)
  • Montpellier- biological and food engineering (Fall and Spring)
  • Orléans - Industrial eng. applied to cosmetics pharmacy and food processing industry (Fall)

Taught-in-english courses

Some schools and some specialization offer additional taught-in-english courses (less than 30 ECTS):

Computer science, Modeling, Management:

Angers, Annecy-Chambéry, Lille, Lyon, Nice Sophia

Electrical Eng., Industrial computing, Electronics:

Angers, Annecy-Chambéry, Lille, Lyon, Paris-Saclay

Mech. Eng., Materials, Energy:

Annecy-Chambéry, Angers, Clermont, Lille, Lyon, Montpellier

Environment, Planning, Civil Eng.:

Angers, Annecy-Chambéry, Lille, Montpellier, Nice Sophia

Food Engineering, Biotechnologies, Health:

Angers, Clermont, Lille, Nice Sophia



Additional credits can be validated through ‘‘tutored projects’’, for instance in Angers, Annecy-Chambery, Clermont, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nice Sophia, Orléans, Sorbonne, Tours

Taught-in-English Summer Schools

In addition, some of the Polytech schools offer taught-in-english Summer Schools, for instance :

More information about Summer Schools

For degree students

Polytech France is a 3-year programme: 

  • One year of immersion in the French culture (intensive French language courses, cultural visits and visits to other schools in the Polytech Group…) and training of study methods. 
  • Two years in the engineering cycle in one of the engineering schools in the Polytech Group.
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More information about Polytech France