Materials Science

The interdisciplinary culture of Polytech is perfectly adapted to this field. Materials science and engineering involves the discovery and design of new materials (most often solids, but other condensed phases are included) intended to be used for specific applications. The formation to Materials Science at Polytech incorporates elements of physics, chemistry, and engineering. Considering that materials exhibit myriad properties, including mechanical, optical, electrical, chemical, thermal and magnetic properties makes their specific use and application sectors in a very large diversity.

Skills and employment opportunity

This field concern engineers evolving in the universe of materials and improving design, elaboration, characterization, production and transformation of materials for various fields of applications in all domains of manufacturing industry and services: vehicle sector, aerospace, building, instrumentation, biomedical sciences, optronics, nanotechnology, etc. Careers opportunities for Polytech engineers concern the private sector, R&D for manufacturing industries, development of innovative materials, production and implementation for practical applications, etc.