Life at Polytech

A rich and dynamic student life at Polytech provides the sense of community networking the 14 universities.  

Since its creation, Polytech coordinates its actions regarding training, international exchange programmes and with companies. The regulation of the studies is common for all the 14 faculties.

Key figures

17 000 students: graduate students; apprenticeship students;  undergraduates

1 300 faculty’ members

14 faculties covering all the French territory

50 % mobility between the faculties, most between undergraduate and graduate levels

2 000 internships periods or exchange programmes abroad every year

A rich and dynamic life at Polytech

A fun, friendly life and with a healthy dose of independence at Polytech improves social skills, marking important events organized in the various faculties. This improves social skills and provides the sense of the community. The Polytech Students Association (Fédération des élèves du Réseau Polytech FEDERP) federates the 14 faculty’ Students Bureau (BDE), develops the associative networking activities, supports the 14 BDE in their initiatives and defends the interests of all Polytech students.

FEDERP is also involved in national events, such as Polytech-Night-Work (competition to the innovation under the sponsoring of a company), the Challenge Omnisport Polytech (COP), or the Trophy Polytech Neige, open to all Polytech students.


All Polytech faculties can help to find out everything to know for accommodation offering a wide range of accommodation to suit a range of budgets and in a variety of locations. To learn more click on the Polytech map.

Culture and sport

Installed at the core of university’ campus, the 15 faculties of engineering take benefit of all facilities and infrastructures for introducing a bit of culture practice or of sport and exercise into daily routine, joining a club sport, a band or competing at a national or international level. Polytech can also organize and adapt timetables for helping confirmed high-level athletes to achieve these goals.

To learn more click on the Polytech map.

Institutional life

Polytech’ institutional life is marked by regular coordination meetings between the various working groups of the network. The management board of the network gathers monthly all faculty’ directors; it is the central decision-making organ.

Organized since 2005, the Polytech General Assembly gathers once a year delegations of all faculties (approximately 20 participants per faculty) including students, administrative and technical staff, faculty members, alumni, etc. It is one of highlight of the life of Polytech group. The program of General Assembly maximises inter-commission coordination, and responds to imperatives considering a main theme for reflection, for which are invited external contributors, with workshops of discussion around specific problems.