About Polytech group

Polytech is a group of 15 public faculties dedicated to higher education, research and innovation in engineering. These institutions, under the authority of the French Ministry of Higher Education, form a network of 15 French universities, sharing a unique model for their 15 faculties of engineering. All 86 different curricula of Polytech correspond to the 86 Masters in engineering degrees (Diplômes d’Ingénieur) that are accredited by CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur).

All curricula are classified into 12 different scientific fields. Polytech group includes 80 000 alumni and more than 3 600 new Masters graduates every year. Geared towards industrialists and economic stakeholders, the graduates are acknowledged for their excellence at national and international level generating numerous job opportunities.

With a staff community of more than 1 300 faculty-members, Polytech group supports excellence in 160 research laboratories. More than 1 000 qualified lecturers from companies in all professional sectors also contribute to taking up the challenges in engineering education of the graduate students.

Back to basis: scientific and technical skills

Before being specialized in a specific field, the Polytech students are prepared to an in-depth training in scientific disciplines, combining taught material with elements of independent development normally assessed in the form of reports and oral presentations. The Polytech programme offers a wide range of courses for all Polytech undergraduates. It is designed to broaden scientific and technical education, inspire creativity, enhance professional impact and promote vocations.

Humanities, communication and management skills

Polytech group provides breadth to the study of science and engineering. The courses also enrich student experience by providing a range of learning opportunities in humanities, management and communication. Polytech classes cover a wide range of topics and situational skills as well as giving a sound basis for further strategy and insights into managing technological innovations.

Research and innovation

One of the missions of the 15 universities is to achieve excellence in research and education in science and engineering, medicine and business. The 160 research laboratories associated to Polytech activities, as parts of these 15 universities, offer a multidisciplinary approach to the world of science and technology that is one of Polytech's outstanding features. Their knowledge, expertise and experience contribute to the intellectual power of Polytech.

Entrepreneurship vision and academic education

Polytech group develops and strengthens the links with the companies, conducting shared educational systems by innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge technologies. This leads to greater recognition and promotion of apprenticeship-based professional training programs. Corporate partnerships with large, medium-sized and small companies promote entrepreneurship, support, coordination and networking with major industrial activities.

Highly developed international training

The Polytech group has built international academic partnerships all over the world. Thanks to these partnerships, bilateral agreements and dual diploma arrangements with world’s leading universities, all Polytech students are moving abroad at least for one semester during their curriculum. Polytech group also hosts foreign students for initial training offering greater possibilities, for their students, in terms of mobility and cultural melting pot.

A rich and dynamic life at Polytech

A fun, friendly life and with a healthy dose of independence at Polytech improves social skills, marking important events organized in the various faculties. The Polytech Students Association federates the 15 faculty’ Students Bureau (BDE), develops the associative networking activities, supports the 15 BDE in their initiatives and defends the interests of all Polytech students.